Media Relations

Measuring B2B and Nonprofit PR ROI: A Guide to Proving the Tangible Impact of Communications Efforts

December 14, 2023

GG’s Marykate Mattiello offers a few creative ways to measure PR ROI, as the imperative to demonstrate impact and value continues to grow. Proving the value of your public relations efforts has become increasingly crucial, whether you’re working in B2B, B2C, or nonprofit PR. As organizations continue to invest in PR strategies, the demand for […]

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Should You Invite Local Broadcast Media to Your Event?

December 1, 2023

GG’s Alex O’Connor offers the “who, what, when, where, and why” of inviting broadcast media to your local event. Depending on what kind of events your organization hosts and what your media goals are, broadcast—defined in this piece as network television—might be a great option to elevate brand awareness. It can help your organization reach […]

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Media Interview Tips from James Harden’s Los Angeles Clippers Presser

November 14, 2023

GG’s David Kang explains how NBA star James Harden failed to stick to his key messages at a press conference and what communicators can learn from the gaffe. When a superstar in the NBA requests to be traded to a new team, the entire basketball world is abuzz with excitement. Media, fans, players, and teams […]

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Crafting Compelling Human-Interest Narratives

October 27, 2023

GG’s Jordyn Warren breaks down why human-interest narratives are valuable in cutting through the noise and best practices for getting started.   In a world saturated with breaking news, it’s easy for people working in PR to get swept up in fast-moving headlines and overlook the value of human-focused storytelling. When executed effectively, human-interest stories can […]

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The Surprising Connections Between Corporate and Consumer Communications

October 11, 2023

GG’s Morgan Schare explains how public relations strategies can be applied across different client industries – from corporate to consumer communications.  As a communications professional who has worked across a multitude of consumer clients – beauty industry, retail, and food & beverage – I can confidently say that my experience working in corporate communications has been […]

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How can public relations boost fundraising – and vice versa?

September 15, 2023

GG’s Carla Pisarro provides valuable insights into the symbiotic relationship between public relations and fundraising. In my 15+ years as a communications professional, I’ve worked with a wide range of organizations – from nonprofits and NGOs to advocacy organizations to research and higher ed institutions and more – that rely on fundraising for some or […]

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