How to consume the news without letting it consume you

May 28, 2020

Group Gordon’s Alison Berg shares tips for staying informed without getting overwhelmed by the news. Working in PR, it is essential to stay on top of breaking news and mobilize clients accordingly. As an added bonus, my knowledge of current events helps me dazzle at dinner parties and back up my outspoken opinions.   While I […]

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Anatomy of an effective email: Covid-19 edition

May 1, 2020

Group Gordon’s Jordan Miller breaks down the features that make for good email communication with customers, especially when a brand stumbles. New York has been in quarantine (or, as some would put it, on “PAUSE”) for one hundred years. Time is meaningless, measured in the space between Zoom calls. People are being forced to spend […]

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Communication leaders in the time of coronavirus

April 16, 2020

Group Gordon’s Jenny Friedman examines why Governor Andrew Cuomo’s approach to the coronavirus has revealed true leadership. Crises present a unique opportunity for leaders to show the public their true character. Beyond the actions they take, their communication plays a critical role in how they are judged. Think of FDR in his fireside chats during […]

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Don’t let social media get you down

April 6, 2020

Group Gordon’s Rhani Franklin offers tips to keep your use of social media healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. With everyone I know and love ordered to stay at home for the foreseeable future, I’ve found myself relying on social media to keep in touch with family and friends – and I’m not the only one. […]

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Coronavirus Communications: Crisis Response for Consumer-Facing Companies

March 19, 2020

Group Gordon’s Jacob Rodriguez outlines key principles consumer-facing businesses should consider when responding to a global crisis. We’re in uncharted, once-in-a-generation territory with the novel coronavirus. The pandemic has made apparent just how important it is to be ready in the face of a global crisis. When it comes to a global crisis, solving the […]

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A Post-mortem on the NBA China Scandal

February 26, 2020

Group Gordon’s Andrew Jarrell looks at the limitations of purpose- and values-driven marketing. I love the NBA. The league, more than any other professional sport, has embraced diversity, leaned into player empowerment, and demonstrated an openness to new ideas and perspectives. Adam Silver, the beloved commissioner, is smart and methodical. He reminds you of a […]

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