Starting Strong: How to Build Solid Client Relationships

January 10, 2019

Group Gordon’s Marykate Cary shares ways to set yourself up for success with any new client relationship.  The first few weeks of a new client engagement are critical for creating a productive partnership. Getting off on the right foot with a new client sets you up for communications success in the year ahead and for […]

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Happy New Year!

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University Learns a Lesson in PR

January 2, 2019

The University of Massachusetts at Amherst received intense backlash over asking a student to take down a sign condemning Nazis in the name of inclusiveness. Michael Gordon weighs in on where the university’s response went wrong in Inside Higher Ed:

Does Inclusiveness Include Nazis? 

The Business of Political Engagement:
A survey on corporate America getting political

January 1, 2019

Americans Want Brands to Get Political but Disagree on Where to Draw the Line Between Business and Politics Mixing business and politics can bring extreme risks and new opportunities for businesses—as can staying silent on the issues of the day. While some companies jump into these turbulent political waters with both feet, others attempt to […]

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Advertisers Tread Carefully Around Tucker Carlson

December 28, 2018

A lighter advertisement load seems to be the new normal for Tucker Carlson’s show after his comments about immigrants led many brands to boycott. Jeremy Robinson-Leon shares his take on the considerations for advertising against political television in The Hollywood Reporter:

A Lighter Ad Load Is The New Normal for Tucker Carlson’s Fox News Show

I am a victim of Bon Appetit’s social media marketing strategy, and I love it

December 13, 2018

Group Gordon’s Jordan Miller explains why a food magazine he doesn’t read has him hooked on social media. Earlier this week, a short work break turned into 17 minutes and 54 seconds (plus three commercial breaks) spent watching a video of Bon Appétit food director Carla Lalli Music teaching a famous drag queen how to […]

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