Webinar – The Good, The Bad, and The Future of AI in Public Relations

May 12, 2023

The rise of generative artificial intelligence programs – such as ChatGPT and DALL-E – has sparked urgent questions about the future of communications and public relations. Is there still a place for the human communicator in a world in which ChatGPT can generate a press release in seconds? Is it legal and ethical to use […]

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Was King Charles’ Coronation a Crowning Achievement from a Communications Perspective?

May 11, 2023

GG’s Morgan Kemp analyzes how the royal spectacle of King Charles’ coronation generated awareness for one of the world’s most well-known brands. If you weren’t among the avid royal watchers who set their alarm clocks early this past Saturday morning, allow me to fill you in one what you missed: King Charles III’s coronation took place […]

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Advocacy Communications: Your Guide to Navigating the City + State Budgets

April 27, 2023

Budget season is upon us, and GG’s Erin Gaffney offers a comprehensive guide to advocacy communications in this critical time. With both the New York City and New York State budgets set to be finalized in the next few months, it’s important to identify your organization’s role in advocating for key policy priorities. This can […]

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Influencer Marketing 101

April 13, 2023

GG’s Sophie DeMuth provides guidance on creating and executing a successful influencer marketing campaign. Influencer marketing: everyone’s doing it … right?  It’s nearly impossible to avoid sponsored posts on social media now that influencer marketing has become a staple tool for brands and creators. While the broader social implications of influencer marketing are up for […]

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Utilizing Data for Maximum PR Impact

April 5, 2023

Group Gordon’s Julia Levine shares helpful tips for using quantitative findings to elevate organizations of all kinds. Utilizing data in the communications effort can be a powerful way to establish credibility and catch reporters’ attention in a busy news cycle. Below are three ways to more effectively incorporate data into your PR strategy, no matter […]

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How Hollywood’s Biggest Night Got Bigger

March 16, 2023

GG’s pop culture expert Reagan Herzog offers brand building guidance inspired by the surprising success of the 2023 Academy Awards. With this weekend’s Academy Awards, another awards season has come to an end. Sunday’s broadcast saw the highest ratings for the show since 2020. The Oscars’ consistent growth in viewership over the past few years […]

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