Should New Polling Numbers Alarm Democrats?

November 5, 2019

Should Democrats be worried after a new poll finds the President beating primary front-runners Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren in a key swing state? Michael Gordon shares his thoughts in Newsweek on recent polling that has Trump beating Democratic candidates in Nevada:

Donald Trump Beats Democratic 2020 Front-Runners Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren in Key Swing State: Poll

Democrats Cannot Fall for Trump’s Tricks

November 2, 2019

Trump is the master of distraction, and Democrats need to stop falling for his tricks as they did in 2016. In a new op-ed in Business Insider, Michael Gordon advises Democrats to play their own game rather than Trump’s to avoid a similar outcome.

Democrats are playing by Trump’s rules – and it could cost them the 2020 election

Boeing is still feeling the effects from the 737 Max crisis

October 23, 2019

Boeing is set to resume flying their planes in 2020, but will their customers still feel safe? Michael Gordon shares his thoughts with Bloomberg on Boeing’s ongoing attempts to repair the reputation of its 737 MAX:

Will Boeing Ever Recover From the 737 Max Debacle?

Bernie Sanders Looking to Build Off AOC Endorsement

October 19, 2019

AOC declared that her move to formally endorse Bernie Sanders was an “authentic decision,” but will it be enough? Michael Gordon shares his thoughts in Bloomberg on the effect the “Squad’s” endorsement of Bernie Sanders will have on Elizabeth Warren’s support:

AOC Says Her Bernie Sanders Endorsement Was “Authentic Decision”

Buttigieg Could Go “Toe-To-Toe” With Trump

October 17, 2019

Buttigieg could surprise pundits when the first caucuses and primaries get underway. Michael Gordon shares his thoughts in Newsweek on Buttigieg’s debate performance:

Pete Buttigieg Could be “Surprise” Frontrunner, Go “Toe-To-Toe” With Trump, Says Democratic Strategist

Companies Can No Longer Ignore Boycotts

October 13, 2019

Boycotts seem to be a dime a dozen in our highly-politicized culture, but too many brands fail to see them for what they are and respond appropriately. Michael Gordon’s op-ed on the new dynamics of boycotts and how they are changing the ways companies do business is featured in Business Insider:

Companies like Walmart and SoulCycle are facing more boycotts than ever in the Trump era, but many are still clueless in how to respond