Media Relations

Dear GiGi: I’m in the very early stages of launching a new business. I have capital and a few early-adopter customers, but I’m just getting started. When is the right time to engage a PR firm?

April 22, 2011

Dear Jake, Knowing how and when to engage a firm is important, particularly since a good communications firm does so much more than media relations, which is often the perception. There’s no easy answer, but I recommend asking yourself a few questions to begin: • How do you imagine a PR firm helping your business? […]

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Dear GiGi: My company is expanding; we’re opening a new Midwest office. We’re interested in using PR to get the word out – is it better to retain a PR firm in the local market or where our HQ is (East Coast)?

April 8, 2011

Hi Erin, Great question – geography is often a factor in public reactions, whether it’s identifying your target audiences or, as you suggest, figuring out which office should interact with an outside PR agency. In my experience, the location of the PR firm doesn’t impact the quality of the communications effort; an experienced firm that […]

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Dear GiGi: I work on business development for a law firm, and I’d like to figure out how to utilize PR more effectively for sourcing new clients. One issue is that our current clients rely on us for discretion, so we can’t publish the details of our work much. What can PR do for us without compromising our clients?

March 25, 2011

Dear Joe, As you suggest, many law firms can’t talk about client work in detail. While that’s a challenge, it doesn’t mean you should neglect external communications as an integral tool. There many ways that public relations can help your firm, and I’ll outline just a couple here. The key is to always think about […]

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Dear GiGi: One blogger has been writing nasty posts about my company. How do I handle this without soliciting more negative publicity or giving the blogger more attention than is due?

February 1, 2011

First off, don’t panic! There’s a robust toolkit for these situations, so let’s take a moment to strategize and discuss just a couple of best practices. The overarching principle for dealing with negative publicity is to keep it contained as best you can. You shouldn’t give the negative post any more light, particularly if the […]

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Dear GiGi: We are a nonprofit working in Africa in an area that is getting a lot of attention. We need more of that attention to come our way to help with fundraising. Can public relations help?

January 31, 2011

Dear Nonprofit in Africa, Great question. Yes, public relations can absolutely help. That said, think of PR beyond purely transactional terms. An article about your organization in today’s New York Times won’t necessarily result in a $100,000 donation tomorrow (though it could!). What it will do, certainly, is raise the profile of your group so […]

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Dear GiGi: So I’ve developed a press list and I’ve crafted my pitch. I’m ready to get my message out there and try to get some media attention, but when’s the best time to contact most journalists?

November 30, 2010

Dear Joe, In today’s 24/7 media world, competing forces vie for our attention every minute of every day. Journalists are no exception, so you’re absolutely right to think about timing your outreach strategically. Monday can be tough since many reporters, like the rest of us, spend the first few hours of their day downing coffee […]

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