A Crisis Takes Off After Slip-Ups

April 12, 2017

United’s botched initial response has given a crisis unnecessary legs, Jeremy Robinson-Leon tells the Los Angeles Times:
United CEO Oscar Munoz is apologizing, but it’ll take more than saying sorry to regain public’s trust

A Bumpy Ride Out of a Crisis for United

April 12, 2017

After a response that did little to quell concerns, can United make a strong case that it’s truly customer-first? Jeremy Robinson-Leon weighs in with the International Business Times:
United Airlines: Will CEO Oscar Munoz’s apology undo damage caused by his initial reaction?

A PR Crisis Takes Flight

April 11, 2017

After 48 hours of shifting statements and fierce backlash about the treatment of an overbooked passenger, has United Airlines landed its latest crisis? Jeremy Robinson-Leon shares his take with The New York Times:
United Grapples With PR Crisis Over Videos of Man Being Dragged Off Plane

A Google Search For the Right Crisis Response

April 4, 2017

Is Google doing enough to assuage advertisers alarmed by ad placement issues? Lana Gersten weighs in for The Wall Street Journal‘s Crisis of the Week:
Crisis of the Week: Google Faces Advertisers’ Wrath

Turbulence Over an Airline’s Dress Code

April 1, 2017

A crisis took flight for United Airlines when consumers and celebrities criticized the company’s dress code as sexist and restrictive. Michael Gordon discusses how the airline can land this crisis safely with the International Business Times.
United Airlines should scrap ‘no leggings’ policy: Crisis expert Michael Gordon

A Scandal Taints Brazil’s Meat Industry

March 22, 2017

As a far-reaching inspection scandals threatens to butcher the reputation of Brazil’s meat market, a systematic response is vital, Michael Gordon tells the Associated Press.
Brazil meat exports collapse in wake of inspection scandal