Accounting for an awards show error

February 27, 2017

Last night’s Best Picture blunder was an Oscars nightmare. Jeremy Robinson-Leon takes account of PwC’s error with the Associated Press:
Oscars mistake puts consulting firm’s reputation in jeopardy

An external review to find internal issues at Uber

February 22, 2017

Uber’s external review is a step in the right direction, but how it acts on the conclusions will be the true test for the company, Jeremy Robinson-Leon tells MarketWatch:
Uber harassment scandal will hurt, but not in same way as #DeleteUber campaign

A crisis of Uber proportions

February 21, 2017

Sexual harassment claims plunge Uber into a new crisis. To recover, it must first tackle the root of the problem. Jeremy Robinson-Leon shares his view with the Los Angeles Times:
Uber sexual harassment allegations are a warning for the tech industry and its ‘rock star’ culture

A balancing act for brands in a polarized climate

January 31, 2017

As political polarization grows, partisanship spreads to corporate America. Michael Gordon discusses what this means for brands today with the Los Angeles Times:
Facing Trump’s immigration ban, corporations can’t risk keeping silent

No stars for this hotel group’s crisis response

January 30, 2017

Is APA Group digging itself into a deeper hole with a statement defending its CEO’s controversial writings? Lana Gersten shares her take in The Wall Street Journal:
Crisis of the Week: CEO’s Writings Put APA Group in Hot Seat


Samsung confronts an explosive crisis

October 11, 2016

Can Samsung defuse the destruction to its brand as its Galaxy Note 7 phones continue to explode? Jeremy Robinson-Leon weighs in with USA Today.
Samsung, CPSC: Turn off your Galaxy Note 7 now