Political Overtones May Hurt Your Advertising

October 9, 2019

Brands that get political just because it’s trendy end up confusing, or worse, turning off consumers. Michael Gordon shares his thoughts in Forbes on why consumers hate certain kinds of advertisements:

13 Reasons Why Consumers May Hate Your Brand’s Advertising (And How To Fix It)

Equinox & SoulCycle Face a Steep Climb

August 8, 2019

SoulCycle and Equinox face boycotts after chairman Stephen Ross announced a fundraiser planned for President Donald Trump.  Jeremy Robinson-Leon shares his thoughts in USA TODAY on the backlash SoulCycle and Equinox are receiving from their members:

Equinox and SoulCycle members boycotting gyms over Trump re-election fundraiser

When Building a Media List, Focus on Quality Over Quantity

July 31, 2019

A list is only as good as the precision of its targets. Michael Gordon shares his perspective on building a media list in Forbes:

Building A Media List? Follow These 12 Steps And Get Your Story Heard

What to Understand When Taking a Stand

June 14, 2019

Michael Gordon’s contributed piece for Forbes outlines five key questions companies must know how to answer when taking a political stand. You can view the full piece below:

Five Questions For Your Brand When Taking A Political Stand

For a Successful Rebrand, Overcommunication is Key

May 30, 2019

A company rebrand is sure to spark questions and concerns from audiences. Michael Gordon shares his perspective on why overcommunicating with stakeholders during a rebrand is critical in Forbes:

12 Critical Steps to Take During a Company Rebrand

Nike Just Says it

May 16, 2019

Nike is pushing gender equality in its advertising, but allegations about its treatment of female sponsored athletes risk damaging its credibility on the issue. Jeremy Robinson-Leon analyzes the potential consequences for the Nike brand:

Nike’s ‘inclusive’ image at risk if it fails women athletes, brand experts say