Long road ahead for VW after “brazen fraud”

October 6, 2015

It may take years for VW to heal from the damage caused by “brazen fraud,” Jeremy Robinson-Leon tells the Associated Press.
For Volkswagen, costs of scandal will be piling up

Credibility challenges ahead for the car industry

September 24, 2015

What does the fallout from Volkswagen’s diesel deception mean for the automotive industry? Jeremy Robinson-Leon tells TIME just how far-reaching the crisis may be.
The Curves Ahead for Car Makers

Cleaning up a sullied reputation

September 23, 2015

Leadership changes are a start, but what else can Volkswagen expect as it looks to unsully the brand’s reputation? Jeremy Robinson-Leon weighs in with the Associated Press.
Volkswagen’s clean-car image dirtied by emissions scandal

Transparency after wide-reaching deception will be key for VW

September 23, 2015

Will Volkswagen be able to salvage its image after the emissions deception scandal? Jeremy Robinson-Leon spoke with the Associated Press about the critical factors the company must consider in its continued response.
Volkswagen CEO steps down, takes responsibility for scandal

Internal Content Creation: You don’t HAVE to pull teeth

August 18, 2015

Group Gordon’s Maya Kriet offers tips for maximizing internal resources to fill your content pipeline. 8.18.15 Content can be a marketer or PR professional’s best friend. A single valuable piece of content can have a trickle effect, becoming a source of countless other nuggets of communications gold. With one great industry survey and set of […]

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A Guide to Media Interviews from a College Tour Guide

August 6, 2015

Last but not least in our series of blog posts from Group Gordon’s summer interns, Avery Suter applies lessons learned as a campus tour guide to navigating media interviews. 8.6.15 A media interview with a top-tier outlet is a golden opportunity for an organization, company, or brand… if it goes well! However, for many leaders […]

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