How companies tied to Aaron Rodgers are responding to his COVID-19 controversy

November 15, 2021

Aaron Rodgers’ controversial COVID-19 vaccine stance has put companies affiliated with him in a difficult position. In USA Today, Group Gordon Chief Strategy Officer Andrew Jarrell weighs in on how companies must reflect on their core values and what they stand for in order to communicate effectively through the crisis.

Companies tied to Aaron Rodgers are in a tough spot after controversy over his COVID-19 vaccine stance

Assessing Facebook’s rebrand to Meta

November 5, 2021

With Facebook’s announcement of a name change to Meta, many remain skeptical about whether the move will actually help the brand’s damaged reputation. Group Gordon Chief Strategy Officer Andrew Jarrell shares his thoughts with HYPEBEAST on the rebrand and why it’s not enough to address the company’s damaged reputation:

Will Facebook’s Name Change Help Its Reputation?

Visual Storytelling for Nonprofits

November 4, 2021

GG’s James Seaton explains how and why nonprofits should engage in visual storytelling to further engage their key audiences. Crafting a compelling story for any organization is a multifaceted process. For nonprofits that act as pillars in their local communities, there are many ways to make the mission come to life for the populations they […]

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Webinar – Storytelling for Impactful Media Coverage

October 26, 2021

A stand-out article about your college or university can support rankings, retain faculty, help attract prospective students, boost the school’s reputation, differentiate against competitors, and much more. However, many higher education institutions struggle to source, pitch, and place these stories. Having effective communications processes and strategies in place can help secure these impactful feature pieces. […]

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A Surprising Source of PR Lessons

October 21, 2021

Group Gordon’s Hillary Wasserman finds surprising parallels and lessons from friends in higher education, television writing, animation, and medical research. One of my favorite parts of working in PR is that the more I learn about the world around me, the better I can be at my job. This applies to everything from reading news […]

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When to Undertake a Website Redesign

October 7, 2021

GGer Erin Gaffney outlines what a successful website looks like and how organizations can determine whether it’s time for a website redesign. An organization’s website is more often than not the first way that clients, potential partners, future employees, journalists, and competitors are introduced to an organization. A website is a reflection of your organization, […]

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