July 11, 2019

Group Gordon’s Derek Nagle examines the ongoing fight for equal pay by the U.S. Women’s National Team in the wake of their World Cup victory. This past Sunday at the Women’s World Cup final in France, the United States Women’s National Soccer team emerged victorious, beating the Netherlands 2-0. This was the U.S. women’s 2nd […]

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Let’s Rename Climate Change

June 27, 2019

Group Gordon’s Eric Margolis asks if a rebrand would lead to more support and action on climate issues. 63% of registered voters think that Congress should do more to address global warming and an incredible 69% of registered voters support a Green New Deal. And yet American CO2 emissions are currently on track to fall […]

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What to Understand When Taking a Stand

June 14, 2019

Michael Gordon’s contributed piece for Forbes outlines five key questions companies must know how to answer when taking a political stand. You can view the full piece below:

Five Questions For Your Brand When Taking A Political Stand

Bright Broadway Season Ends on a Dull Note

June 13, 2019

Group Gordon’s Jacob Rodriguez analyzes what the Tony’s got wrong at this year’s show The latest Broadway season has been, by all accounts, a rousing success. Several new works, like Hadestown and The Prom, debuted to great acclaim. Even Oklahoma!, hardly new, received rave reviews for the revival, which featured a lead actress in a […]

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Webinar – High-Stakes Communications for Your Nonprofit

June 6, 2019

We recently hosted a thought-provoking discussion about building and protecting your nonprofit’s brand when faced with high-stakes situations. The session featured a presentation and Q&A session led by Jeremy Robinson-Leon and Andrew Jarrell, Group Gordon’s President and Chief Strategy Officer respectively. Topics covered included: – The challenges posed to nonprofit organizations by the current political […]

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Our watch has ended but the fandom lives on

May 30, 2019

Group Gordon’s Rhani Franklin explores how fandom participation has changed in the age of social media. To say that the series finale of Game of Thrones sparked disappointment would be an understatement. The long-awaited finale of one of television’s most talked-about shows was also the series’ lowest-rated episode. What made the show’s tragic (in execution […]

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