Deval Patrick Faces Uphill Battle in Primary Race

November 15, 2019

It will be nearly impossible for Deval Patrick to breakthrough at this point as a new candidate. Michael Gordon shares his thoughts on Deval Patrick’s 2020 Presidential bid in Newsweek:

Democratic Strategists Say That Devl Patrick Faces ‘Near-Impossible’ Battle in Primary Field

Strong Crisis Management Begins Long Before the Crisis

November 14, 2019

Group Gordon’s Nick Bonavolonta explains why crisis management should really begin with proactive PR efforts before any challenges arise. In my last post, I outlined the key components of a crisis plan and the value of having one in place when a challenging situation arises. While being ready to play defense at a moment’s notice […]

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The GOP Must Dump Trump

November 9, 2019

Removing Trump and promoting Pence is best for both the Republicans and the country moving forward. In a new op-ed in Business Insider, Michael Gordon shares why it’s time for the GOP to move on to a President Pence.

Republicans should face reality: It’s time for President Pence

Should New Polling Numbers Alarm Democrats?

November 5, 2019

Should Democrats be worried after a new poll finds the President beating primary front-runners Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren in a key swing state? Michael Gordon shares his thoughts in Newsweek on recent polling that has Trump beating Democratic candidates in Nevada:

Donald Trump Beats Democratic 2020 Front-Runners Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren in Key Swing State: Poll

To Podcast or Not to Podcast?

November 4, 2019

Is launching a podcast worth it? Group Gordon’s Carla Pisarro weighs in. In 2019, podcasts are everywhere you look (or listen). While the term “podcast” has been around since 2004—a mashup of “iPod” and “broadcasts”—podcasts have exploded in mainstream popularity in the last two years. Most Americans now report that they listen to podcasts at […]

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Democrats Cannot Fall for Trump’s Tricks

November 2, 2019

Trump is the master of distraction, and Democrats need to stop falling for his tricks as they did in 2016. In a new op-ed in Business Insider, Michael Gordon advises Democrats to play their own game rather than Trump’s to avoid a similar outcome.

Democrats are playing by Trump’s rules – and it could cost them the 2020 election