Impeachment Talks Increase Tensions

September 29, 2019

Following a formal impeachment inquiry that was launched against President Trump, Democrats need to be mindful in their approach in order to bring the rest of the country with them. Michael Gordon shares his thoughts in The Hill on talks of impeachment and the controversy surrounding President Trump’s recent call with Zelensky:

GOP ratchets up 2020 attacks as impeachment storm grows

Castro’s Personal Attacks Could Backfire

September 14, 2019

Julian Castro’s personal criticism of Joe Biden has gained him some attention, but the move could backfire. Michael Gordon shares his thoughts in Business Insider on Julian Castro’s attacks on Biden in the most recent Democratic debates:

Julian Castro’s attacks on Joe Biden could backfire on him, but he may have just done Democrats a huge favor

What’s in a Brand?

September 12, 2019

Group Gordon’s James Seaton breaks down what a brand means and why it matters. Brand has become a buzzword recently. Everyone is trying to figure out how to build their brand or put out high-quality, branded content. What does it all mean? Below is a short guide to branding and why it matters for your […]

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Election 2020: What Cardi B and Bernie Sanders’ political partnership can teach us

August 22, 2019

Group Gordon’s Kate Macken outlines the power of celebrity in engaging voters and why these alliances should be taken seriously as we count down to Election Day.   When you think of Cardi B and her transformative role in American culture, you probably think of her chart-topping songs, historic Grammy win, and entertaining personality. Cardi’s […]

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Gaining Ground in Spite of Gaffes

August 19, 2019

Former Vice President and current Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s off-the-cuff style has helped him develop an image of authenticity but also led to several stumbles. Michael Gordon shares his perspective on Biden’s recent gaffes and whether they could have an impact on the race with Business Insider:

Joe Biden has been a self-professed gaffe machine for decades but Democratic primary voters don’t seem to care, yet 

Recent Controversy Sparks the Debate on Disclosure

August 9, 2019

The recent controversies over donations to President Trump’s campaigns have raised the question about donor disclosure and shows the risks businesses and individuals face with their political giving.  Jeremy Robinson-Leon shares his thoughts in CNN on the recent backlash against the President’s campaign contributors:

Uproar over Trump donations sparks fresh debate about disclosure