How to Write a Public Relations RFP that Goes Above and Beyond

March 7, 2023

GG’s Hillary Wasserman explains how to craft a public relations RFP that will elicit great responses. The request for proposals (RFP) has been a staple of public relations and many other industries, and it still serves a critical purpose. These documents are issued by companies looking to solicit bids from qualified vendors for a specific […]

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M&Ms Spokescandies Controversy: The Importance of a Well-Executed PR Stunt

February 2, 2023

GG’s Kerry Close analyzes the recent M&Ms controversy over its spokescandies and provides important takeaways for brands considering a PR stunt. When Mars Wrigley, the parent company behind the M&Ms brand, released an ambiguous Twitter statement last week announcing the retirement of its long-time “spokescandies,” many people’s initial reaction was to scratch their heads in […]

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Happy Holidays

December 7, 2022

A few words from GG to the valued members of our group: Happy holidays and happy new year!

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Why Social Media is Valuable to Corporate Clients, Too

December 1, 2022

GG’s Nisha Gupta reminds corporate businesses that social media matters – and can offer more benefits than you’d think. As a proud Gen-Zer, I am an avid supporter and participant of social media. There are certainly downsides to social media, but it can also be a wonderful tool for businesses and creatives. The endless opportunities […]

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The Crisis PR Plan that Wasn’t: Taylor Swift’s Ticketmaster Disaster

November 17, 2022

GG’s Sophie DeMuth turns the chaos of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour presale into important lessons for crisis communicators. With over 83 million monthly listeners on Spotify, 11 Grammy Awards, eight number-one singles, and an 18-year (and counting!) career to show for it all, it’s safe to say that Taylor Swift might be the biggest pop […]

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Yes, It’s Time to Start 2023 Communications Planning

November 3, 2022

GG’s Marykate Cary Mattiello reminds communicators that now is the time to get a head start on 2023 communications planning. Time flies when you’re having fun! Shocking as it may seem, we’ve arrived at the time of year when communications and marketing teams must begin planning for 2023. The process may seem daunting and challenging […]

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