Big Law Can No Longer Ignore Dangerous Politics

January 19, 2021

Big Law is cautious by nature and has studiously avoided getting into politics for any reason. However, that position has become untenable in today’s dangerous political environment. In an op-ed for Bloomberg Law, Michael Gordon provides law firms with key guidelines for taking a political stand:

Big Law Should Not Ignore Dangerous Political Events—How to Take a Stand

When Popular Fiction & PR Collide

December 23, 2020

Group Gordon’s Carla Pisarro looks at The Crown to assess the role of truth, fiction, and PR in shaping the public perception of popular figures. As record numbers have turn to streaming services to ride out the pandemic, The Crown’s fourth season – the first to include Princess Diana – has been a blockbuster. One […]

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Happy Holidays

December 17, 2020

From our home offices, living room sofas, and dining room tables, we wish you and yours This year and every year, our team is committed to supporting organizations whose work we believe in, such as the ones featured in our card: – NAACP Legal Defense Fund – Ida B. Wells Society – CDC Foundation – […]

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Corporate Communication Around Politics Must Change with the Times

December 3, 2020

Group Gordon’s Kerry Close discusses the new norms for talking about politics in the workplace. Conventional wisdom dictates that politics is traditionally off limits in public forums – the workplace chief among them. However, this year’s contentious election cycle called that long-held tradition sharply into question. The 2020 election shined a spotlight on the deep-seated […]

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Communication to maintain company culture remotely

November 19, 2020

Working from home but not alone Group Gordon’s James Seaton explains how effective communications can maintain a strong company culture even when your team is remote. It may be hard to believe, but we are nine months into a global pandemic. COVID-19 has fundamentally altered our daily routines, especially the way we work. For many, […]

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Public Relations in Support of Public Service

November 5, 2020

Group Gordon’s Erin Gaffney explores how public relations can be deployed to support public service. From the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in March to the current election, there has been a lot of uncertainty and misinformation. During these times of crisis, people are looking for guidance and reliable information, which is where public service […]

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