Dear GiGi: I know which audience I want to reach, but I’m not sure where to reach them. How do I know what my target audience is reading or watching?

December 14, 2010

That’s a great question, and there is no easy answer. After all the work you’ve done developing your messaging, creating a strategic plan, and putting together your pitches, you don’t want it to go to waste by targeting the wrong media outlets. There are a variety of ways to find your audience – some more […]

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Dear GiGi: So I’ve developed a press list and I’ve crafted my pitch. I’m ready to get my message out there and try to get some media attention, but when’s the best time to contact most journalists?

November 30, 2010

Dear Joe, In today’s 24/7 media world, competing forces vie for our attention every minute of every day. Journalists are no exception, so you’re absolutely right to think about timing your outreach strategically. Monday can be tough since many reporters, like the rest of us, spend the first few hours of their day downing coffee […]

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Tiger Woods’ scandal: One year later

November 24, 2010

Michael Gordon discusses why Tiger can’t get out of the bunker.
Tiger stuck in the rough, needs new game


Dear GiGi: I’m at a community development organization in Chicago. I’m seriously concerned that we’re slowly losing touch with our donor base – we really need to connect with a younger audience. Any thoughts?

November 12, 2010

Dear Herb, You’re vying for attention in an incredibly crowded marketplace. Just like consumer product companies and book publishers, to name just a few, it’s important that you evolve your message and communications focus from time to time to appeal to a new audience. Here’s a starting point: • Create target audience profiles: Are you […]

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Dear GiGi: I work in the communications department at a midsize management consulting firm. We’re considering starting a Twitter account, but a few of my colleagues aren’t sold. What do you think?

October 29, 2010

Dear Robin, You ask a great question, and it’s one with which many companies grapple. Will Twitter – and, for that matter, other social platforms – add value to your business? Twitter can be a powerful tool, but it’s not inherently useful for every company or organization. To help figure it out, begin by answering […]

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