What PR can’t do

December 16, 2021

GG’s Emily Bell explains why PR can’t redeem a damaged reputation if the underlying issues remain. Typically, when my turn to write a blog comes around, there’s some heinous celebrity apology or tone-deaf corporate statement to critique. It’s easy enough to draw actionable takeaways for public relations professionals from the latest communications mishap trending on […]

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Happy Holidays!

December 14, 2021

From the GG family to yours, we’re sharing our best wishes for the holiday season. Here’s to a joyful and healthy 2022! #GGWrapped

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The Right Way to Announce College Football Playoff Final Rankings

December 2, 2021

GG’s Eli Judge offers the College Football Playoff committee a more strategic playbook for announcing team rankings. Sunday is the day college football fans have been waiting for: the final reveal of the College Football Playoff (CFP) rankings. Much to my disappointment, my beloved Oklahoma Sooners won’t be participating. But I, along with thousands of […]

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Aaron Rodgers: A Playbook on What Not to Do in a Crisis

November 23, 2021

GG’s Andrew Jarrell examines how Aaron Rodgers fumbled the crisis resulting from his misleading statements about his vaccination status. Managing communications during a crisis is a precarious endeavor – one where the wrong move can be disastrous. Aaron Rodgers’ response to the recent scrutiny of his vaccination status is an example of what not to […]

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How companies tied to Aaron Rodgers are responding to his COVID-19 controversy

November 15, 2021

Aaron Rodgers’ controversial COVID-19 vaccine stance has put companies affiliated with him in a difficult position. In USA Today, Group Gordon Chief Strategy Officer Andrew Jarrell weighs in on how companies must reflect on their core values and what they stand for in order to communicate effectively through the crisis.

Companies tied to Aaron Rodgers are in a tough spot after controversy over his COVID-19 vaccine stance

Assessing Facebook’s rebrand to Meta

November 5, 2021

With Facebook’s announcement of a name change to Meta, many remain skeptical about whether the move will actually help the brand’s damaged reputation. Group Gordon Chief Strategy Officer Andrew Jarrell shares his thoughts with HYPEBEAST on the rebrand and why it’s not enough to address the company’s damaged reputation:

Will Facebook’s Name Change Help Its Reputation?