Can You Keep a Secret? The Dos and Don’ts of Using an Embargo

April 2, 2015

Group Gordon’s Gigi Kwon blogs about best practices for sharing information with the media under embargo. 4.2.2015 Ever wonder how media outlets are able to publish reviews of the new iPhone or articles about a new White House initiative just moments after the news is announced? The secret…is knowing how to keep a secret. In […]

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Biggest Broadcast Blunders… and Tips to Avoid Them

March 19, 2015

Group Gordon’s Lana Gersten blogs about essential tips to keep a broadcast interview from taking a disastrous turn. 3.19.2015 British media was aflutter last month after Green Party leader Natalie Bennett gave what some called the worst interview ever given by a politician. What was supposed to be a friendly radio interview to officially launch […]

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A Lesson in Reinvention from Rap Star T-Pain

March 11, 2015

Group Gordon’s Andrew Jarrell blogs about essential lessons for rebranding from an unconventional source. 3.11.2015 Rebranding is one of the most difficult challenges any company can face. It requires reshaping a cemented public narrative and uprooting people’s deeply entrenched opinions. If you suffer from a negative public perception, the task can be even more daunting. […]

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The Building Blocks for a Solid Social Media Strategy

February 19, 2015

Group Gordon’s Elana Rueven blogs about the questions you should ask to make sure your social media presence is strategic. 2.19.2015 Social media is a newer, shinier tool in the communications toolbox. Allowing for direct customer interaction, instantaneous communication, and increased SEO value, social media provides companies with a new way to engage their customers, […]

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Dear GiGi: I’m thinking of starting a career in strategic communications. Is Group Gordon hiring?

January 28, 2015

Dear Sam – Smart choice of career path! It just so happens that GG is hiring associates. Check out the job description below, and submit a cover letter and resume to if you’re interested in applying for the position. And good luck!

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Putting the PR in Presidential Communications

January 22, 2015

Group Gordon’s Hillary Wasserman blogs about the lessons we can all learn from the White House’s communications strategy. 1.22.2015 President Obama used this week’s State of the Union to propose a bold agenda for his last two years in office. But the president isn’t the only one looking to reenergize his key platforms – the […]

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