The NFL’s credibility depends on how it handles domestic violence in the future

December 23, 2014

Can the NFL regain credibility after a crisis-filled 2014? Group Gordon’s Michael Gordon spoke with the Associated Press on what the NFL can do to move forward.
Domestic violence at forefront of NFL in 2014

On the Record, Off the Record, On Background: What Does It All Mean?

December 11, 2014

Group Gordon’s Stephanie Ramirez blogs about how and when to go “on the record,” “off the record,” and “on background.” 12.11.2014 The Newsroom fans constantly hear characters use “on the record”, “off the record”, and “on background”, but how many actually know what each phrase means or how to use them? When used correctly, these […]

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The Communications Not Top Ten

November 20, 2014

Group Gordon’s Michael Dolmatch blogs about the blunders that may land you on the communications Wall of Shame. 11.20.2014 Being immortalized on SportsCenter’s “Not Top Ten” list of the worst plays in sports keeps athletes up at night. In the communications field, we (usually) don’t have to worry about being kicked in the head, pitching […]

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The Danger of Going Viral

November 6, 2014

Group Gordon’s Alison Berg blogs about the risks and unintended consequences a viral campaign may bring. 11.6.2014 Every music hopeful with a guitar and YouTube account dreams of the day their videos go viral, transforming them into the next Justin Bieber (circa 2009). Many strive to have their stories shared by users, customers, or other […]

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Are We Still “On Message”?

October 23, 2014

Group Gordon’s Jordan Miller blogs about the importance of staying on message – no matter the platform. 10.23.2014 With the emergence and growing popularity of new types of media, companies have the opportunity to get creative, have fun, and humanize their messages more than ever before. But it also forces them to continuously reexamine how […]

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