Three things you didn’t know about Instagram

June 20, 2014

Three things you didn’t know about Instagram

June 20, 2014

Senior Associate Sonie Guseh gives us the lowdown on Instagram. 6.20.2014


For many companies, Instagram still feels like new, uncharted territory, and it’s unclear for many just how to leverage it as part of their social media marketing mix. While the platform can be a gem when it comes to reaching engaged consumers, don’t consider it to be just another newsfeed that you can use to replicate your other social media tactics. It’s important to be thoughtful and deliberate when it comes to your Instagram feed – and all of your content, for that matter – and followers. Here are a few fun facts about the platform:

1. Instagram engagement is 15x that of Facebook.

Although it was purchased two years ago by Facebook, by some counts, Instagram’s engagement has far surpassed that of its parent company. The platform gets 8,500 likes per second – that’s a lot of positive feedback!

The bottom line: Because audiences on Instagram are so engaged in the content they’re consuming, encourage them to engage specifically with your brand. Use your account as a live feed from a company or industry event. Coordinate hashtags across platforms and encourage attendees to upload their event photos, too. Or showcase images of how other consumers are leveraging your brand, whether you’re marketing a product or service. Point followers to your company link in your profile, the only place on Instagram where you can actually hyperlink to your website.

2. 90% of Instagram users are under 35.

This means Instagram may or may not be the perfect audience for you, so it’s critical to know exactly who your target is. If you’re not looking to reach a fairly young audience of about 60% women, Instagram may not be the right social platform for your business’ needs. If that’s the case, don’t worry – there are plenty of other social channels to consider.

The bottom line: Target wisely. This is a great channel for younger consumers, especially women. Since women tend to make the most purchasing decisions, it’s a great place to display a compelling visual that shows the result of your brand, product, or service.


3. Top brands post, on average, six images per week.

If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, you’re probably thinking that this number of posts is far too infrequent to generate any type of committed following. But Instagram users are different. They’re actively seeking to engage with the images in front of them, while users on other platforms, such as Twitter, may be more passively browsing a barrage of content.

It’s been well-documented that content with images tends to be far more engaging than just text. Pair your images with clear text – never post an image to Instagram without a caption or a call to action for your audience.

The bottom line: Instagram isn’t just for weekend selfies. Strategically engage with your audience by posting thoughtfully, and keep your target customers in mind – you may even consider regramming their content, with permission. They’ll likely be excited to receive the attention and content credit.

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