NASA, We Have a Problem – Sharing Bad News in the Meme Era

April 4, 2019

Group Gordon’s Jordan Friedman discusses NASA’s scrapping of an all-female spacewalk and the best ways to manage a disappointing announcement. Last week NASA announced the cancellation of its planned first all-female spacewalk due to a lack of enough spacesuits in the right size. The internet quickly erupted in anger and memes ridiculing the stumble. Even […]

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Wells Fargo’s Sloan Steps Down

March 29, 2019

Wells Fargo’s CEO Tim Sloan abruptly resigned after 2.5 years of criticism from politicians and pressure from regulators. Jeremy Robinson-Leon shares his thoughts on the board’s decision to promote Sloan in 2016 and why he’s out now in Bloomberg:

Wells Fargo’s Insider CEO Failed to Outrun Political Fury

A Guide to Mixing Business and Politics

March 28, 2019

Michael Gordon’s contributed piece for Forbes offers brands a guide for thoughtful, intentional, and strategic engagement in political conversations. You can view the full piece below:

Three Ways Companies Can Navigate Politics

Shocking Admissions: Key Takeaways from the Varsity Blues Scandal

March 21, 2019

Group Gordon’s Charlotte Marratta examines why a college admissions scandal got caught in the media spotlight. The recent college admissions bribery scandal has been storming headlines for the past week. Sure, parents have been paying large sums of money to get their children into the school of their choice for decades. But they’ve been doing […]

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A Bad Look for a Fashion Brand

March 19, 2019

Ed Razek, CMO of Victoria’s Secret’s parent, L Brands, faced calls for resignation over controversial comments about transgender and plus-sized models in an interview with Vogue. Jeremy Robinson-Leon weighs in on what L Brands’ decision to keep Razek on board says about the brand’s values in Business Insider:

People slammed Victoria’s Secret after its marketing chief made controversial comments about transgender models, but he didn’t resign. This could be why, according to former executives.

Understanding Your Client’s Voice – Three Key Things to Know

March 8, 2019

Group Gordon’s Sarah Naco has the scoop on the importance of getting your client’s voice right. When I think about getting a client’s voice right, I like to imagine being in an ice cream store (and it’s not because of my perpetual sweet tooth). Similar to how an ice cream parlor has many flavors to choose […]

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