Dear GiGi: I’m thinking of starting a career in strategic communications. Is Group Gordon hiring?

January 28, 2015

Dear Sam – Smart choice of career path! It just so happens that GG is hiring associates. Check out the job description below, and submit a cover letter and resume to if you’re interested in applying for the position. And good luck!

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Putting the PR in Presidential Communications

January 22, 2015

Group Gordon’s Hillary Wasserman blogs about the lessons we can all learn from the White House’s communications strategy. 1.22.2015 President Obama used this week’s State of the Union to propose a bold agenda for his last two years in office. But the president isn’t the only one looking to reenergize his key platforms – the […]

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Quantifying the PR effect: essential, or a fool’s errand?

January 13, 2015

Group Gordon’s Andrew Jarrell blogs about the metrics – quantifiable or not – that matter when evaluating PR success. 1.13.2015 Today, more than ever, companies rely on hard data to drive their businesses, measure impact, and evaluate success. Technology in particular has armed managers with new tools for quantifying their achievements, especially as it relates […]

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The NFL’s credibility depends on how it handles domestic violence in the future

December 23, 2014

Can the NFL regain credibility after a crisis-filled 2014? Group Gordon’s Michael Gordon spoke with the Associated Press on what the NFL can do to move forward.
Domestic violence at forefront of NFL in 2014

On the Record, Off the Record, On Background: What Does It All Mean?

December 11, 2014

Group Gordon’s Stephanie Ramirez blogs about how and when to go “on the record,” “off the record,” and “on background.” 12.11.2014 The Newsroom fans constantly hear characters use “on the record”, “off the record”, and “on background”, but how many actually know what each phrase means or how to use them? When used correctly, these […]

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