The Crisis PR Plan that Wasn’t: Taylor Swift’s Ticketmaster Disaster

November 17, 2022

GG’s Sophie DeMuth turns the chaos of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour presale into important lessons for crisis communicators. With over 83 million monthly listeners on Spotify, 11 Grammy Awards, eight number-one singles, and an 18-year (and counting!) career to show for it all, it’s safe to say that Taylor Swift might be the biggest pop […]

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Yes, It’s Time to Start 2023 Communications Planning

November 3, 2022

GG’s Marykate Cary Mattiello reminds communicators that now is the time to get a head start on 2023 communications planning. Time flies when you’re having fun! Shocking as it may seem, we’ve arrived at the time of year when communications and marketing teams must begin planning for 2023. The process may seem daunting and challenging […]

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Preparing for Media Interviews: Tips for Beginners

October 26, 2022

GG’s Carla Pisarro shares helpful tips and tricks for preparing for media interviews. Maybe you’ve agreed to be interviewed by a journalist to promote your new professional project. Or perhaps you’re an expert in your field, and a reporter has asked if you could talk them through shifting trends in your space. Chances are, whether […]

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Patagonia’s Masterclass in Corporate Communications

October 6, 2022

GG’s Melanie Geller offers lessons on corporate communications from Patagonia’s recent messaging surrounding its ownership change. Several weeks ago, Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard publicly announced his decision to place the ownership of the $3 billion company to a trust and a nonprofit, which would use Patagonia’s $100 million annual profits to combat climate change and […]

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Placing an Op-Ed by Predicting the News Cycle

September 22, 2022

Group Gordon’s Alex O’Connor offers up the secrets behind placing an op-ed at the speed of the news cycle. You want to write an op-ed. Or someone wants you to write an op-ed for them. Or a group of people want you to write an op-ed on their behalf. If you’re writing an op-ed for […]

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Crisis Management in the Age of Virtue Signaling 

September 9, 2022

Group Gordon’s Anna Kizito explores crisis management in the fallout of “ESG-washing” allegations and gives helpful tips to avoid making claims that you cannot support later.  Last month, a lawsuit against fast fashion giant H&M alleged that the company has been misleadingly marketing its clothing line, “H&M Conscious.”   While overpromising is not completely unheard of […]

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