Become an Expert in Expert Commentary

November 15, 2018

Group Gordon’s Nick Bonavolonta shares tips for getting your spokespeople quoted in the news. No matter what your company or organization does, your team is bound to include experts on topics relevant to your industry and beyond. One way to translate their knowledge into building your company or organization’s brand is through expert commentary. This […]

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Google Searches for a Crisis Solution

November 1, 2018

Google’s handling of sexual misconduct allegations against company executives has sparked intense internal backlash and a worldwide employee walkout. Jeremy Robinson-Leon shares his take on the implications for the brand and how Google must respond in The Washington Post:

Google employees worldwide walk out over allegations of sexual harassment, inequality within company

Webinar – PR in a Polarized, Politicized World

November 1, 2018

We recently hosted a thought-provoking dialogue between Paul Holmes, founder and chair of The Holmes Group, and Michael Gordon, Chief Executive of Group Gordon, during which they explored the new considerations for communicating in this hyper-politicized climate. Topics covered included: – The current climate and how brands are increasingly joining or getting dragged into the […]

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Courting Public Opinion

October 15, 2018

Group Gordon’s Noor Qasim examines Brett Kavanaugh’s communications strategy in the aftermath of an unprecedented Supreme Court confirmation hearing. Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court consumed the national conversation for several months. Yet, in the past few weeks, the nation’s attention crystallized rapidly and rightly around the allegations of sexual assault from Dr. Christine […]

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Building Media Relationships: A Worthy Investment

September 27, 2018

Group Gordon’s Jenny Friedman writes about building and sustaining strong media relationships. Once in a while, a new client engagement gets off to a slow start. My team faced this challenge recently when we struggled to get journalists interested in speaking with our source. Finally, when a reporter at a national outlet responded to my […]

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The Path Forward for Papa John’s

September 13, 2018

Papa John’s felt the heat before John Schnatter’s ouster from the pizza chain’s board, but the subsequent leadership battle has further raised the temperature for the brand. As the story continues to bubble in the news, many are wondering if the beleaguered pizza chain can survive the messy scandal. The public removal of a founder […]

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