Bright Broadway Season Ends on a Dull Note

June 13, 2019

Group Gordon’s Jacob Rodriguez analyzes what the Tony’s got wrong at this year’s show The latest Broadway season has been, by all accounts, a rousing success. Several new works, like Hadestown and The Prom, debuted to great acclaim. Even Oklahoma!, hardly new, received rave reviews for the revival, which featured a lead actress in a […]

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Our watch has ended but the fandom lives on

May 30, 2019

Group Gordon’s Rhani Franklin explores how fandom participation has changed in the age of social media. To say that the series finale of Game of Thrones sparked disappointment would be an understatement. The long-awaited finale of one of television’s most talked-about shows was also the series’ lowest-rated episode. What made the show’s tragic (in execution […]

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Five Building Blocks for Thought Leadership

May 16, 2019

Group Gordon’s Nick Bonavolonta shares tips for building up a brand’s leadership reputation. Establishing thought leadership can bring serious benefits, including elevating your company’s credibility, demonstrating authority, and increasing visibility among key audiences. Unsurprisingly, leadership-building activities are a priority for many of our clients. However, the journey to thought leadership can be daunting, particularly when […]

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When media partnerships make sense

May 6, 2019

Group Gordon’s Nick Berkowitz discusses when a media partnership may be strategic and what a successful one entails. Keeping up a consistent and high-impact communications program can be a challenge for organizations of all kinds. Often, when time and resources are crunched, content creation and media outreach efforts fall by the wayside. Similarly, sometimes pitches […]

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NASA, We Have a Problem – Sharing Bad News in the Meme Era

April 4, 2019

Group Gordon’s Jordan Friedman discusses NASA’s scrapping of an all-female spacewalk and the best ways to manage a disappointing announcement. Last week NASA announced the cancellation of its planned first all-female spacewalk due to a lack of enough spacesuits in the right size. The internet quickly erupted in anger and memes ridiculing the stumble. Even […]

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Shocking Admissions: Key Takeaways from the Varsity Blues Scandal

March 21, 2019

Group Gordon’s Charlotte Marratta examines why a college admissions scandal got caught in the media spotlight. The recent college admissions bribery scandal has been storming headlines for the past week. Sure, parents have been paying large sums of money to get their children into the school of their choice for decades. But they’ve been doing […]

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