Steady Thought Leadership in a Sea of Controversy

March 24, 2022

Group Gordon’s Jon Bergman explores the delicate art of being a thought leader without courting unnecessary controversy. Many PR clients strive to become thought leaders – people and organizations with relevant and respected opinions. One of the most effective ways our clients have achieved thought leadership is by translating their expertise into credible and unique […]

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3 PR Lessons That Apply to Remote Work

March 10, 2022

Group Gordon’s Miraal Naseer unpacks three key lessons from PR that make remote work more effective. Starting my first job remotely has been a unique experience, to say the least. As a Marketing and Business Development Associate who joined Group Gordon during the pandemic, I’ve since had to learn the fundamentals of three fields: public […]

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Mitigating a Crisis: Lessons from the Michigan/Wisconsin Incident

February 28, 2022

GG’s Andrew Jarrell provides post-game analysis on mitigating a crisis after an unfortunate incident at a basketball game between the Universities of Michigan and Wisconsin. After a relatively uneventful game between the University of Michigan’s and University of Wisconsin’s men’s basketball teams, a brawl broke out. As the coaches approached each other for the customary […]

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Creating a Solid Foundation with a New Client

February 10, 2022

Group Gordon’s Morgan Schare explains how to build trust and a solid foundation with a new client early on.  Today’s world requires us all to be prepared for the unexpected, and when the unexpected happens, you need to be able to rely on the team around you. That’s why it’s more important than ever to […]

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The Best PR Firms Are Not Yes-Men

January 27, 2022

GG’S Elizabeth Gemdjian takes lessons from Novak Djokovic and Succession (spoiler alert!) to explain why the best PR firms will tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been following two crises – one in the real world, one in a TV […]

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Leveraging Instagram Lives and Twitter Spaces for PR

January 13, 2022

Group Gordon’s Marykate Cary shares how organizations can best leverage Instagram Lives and Twitter Spaces to share their messages and connect with audiences. Instagram Live and Twitter Spaces are valuable social media tools for public relations that provide ways for individuals and organizations to connect with a wider audience. While you may be familiar with […]

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