The Danger of Going Viral

November 6, 2014

Group Gordon’s Alison Berg blogs about the risks and unintended consequences a viral campaign may bring. 11.6.2014 Every music hopeful with a guitar and YouTube account dreams of the day their videos go viral, transforming them into the next Justin Bieber (circa 2009). Many strive to have their stories shared by users, customers, or other […]

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Are We Still “On Message”?

October 23, 2014

Group Gordon’s Jordan Miller blogs about the importance of staying on message – no matter the platform. 10.23.2014 With the emergence and growing popularity of new types of media, companies have the opportunity to get creative, have fun, and humanize their messages more than ever before. But it also forces them to continuously reexamine how […]

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Three tips for pitching to the sharks

October 9, 2014

Group Gordon’s Gigi Kwon blogs about pitching lessons PR pros can learn from ABC’s Shark Tank. 10.9.2014 “If you had one shot or one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment, would you capture it or just let it slip?” ABC’s “Shark Tank” is back, and I, along with an average of […]

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Social Media’s Visual Revolution

September 25, 2014

Group Gordon’s Anna Clark blogs about the importance of visuals for a strategic social media effort. 9.25.2014 Whether blogging about your company’s new line of products, tweeting about an upcoming panel discussion, posting to Facebook about your CEO luncheon, or sharing moments from your company-funded charity event on Instagram, images have become a crucial part […]

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Matt Damon Stays on Message

August 28, 2014

Group Gordon’s Elana Rueven blogs about the right way to support a cause AND stay on message. 8.28.2014 It’s fair to say that the wild popularity and widespread reach of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has underscored the power of social media to revolutionize how nonprofits will consider fundraising in the future. From Oprah to […]

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Social Media and Disrupting the Balance of Power: Or, Why Your Angry Tweet Matters

August 14, 2014

Group Gordon’s Jordan Miller blogs about how social media gives individuals – and brands – more power than ever before. 8.14.2014 By now, people all over the world have heard (or heard of) last month’s infamous Comcast customer service call, in which a couple was berated and attacked for nearly 20 minutes before a representative […]

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