Strong Crisis Management Begins Long Before the Crisis

November 14, 2019

Group Gordon’s Nick Bonavolonta explains why crisis management should really begin with proactive PR efforts before any challenges arise. In my last post, I outlined the key components of a crisis plan and the value of having one in place when a challenging situation arises. While being ready to play defense at a moment’s notice […]

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To Podcast or Not to Podcast?

November 4, 2019

Is launching a podcast worth it? Group Gordon’s Carla Pisarro weighs in. In 2019, podcasts are everywhere you look (or listen). While the term “podcast” has been around since 2004—a mashup of “iPod” and “broadcasts”—podcasts have exploded in mainstream popularity in the last two years. Most Americans now report that they listen to podcasts at […]

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Crisis Communications Lessons from the NBA’s China Controversy

October 17, 2019

Group Gordon’s  Kerry Close gives a play-by-play of the NBA’s crisis that jeopardized fans’ support for the brand and opportunities in the growing Chinese market. The NBA found itself at the center of a global controversy last week when Houston Rockets’ General Manager Daryl Morey tweeted in support of pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. Morey’s […]

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What’s in a Brand?

September 12, 2019

Group Gordon’s James Seaton breaks down what a brand means and why it matters. Brand has become a buzzword recently. Everyone is trying to figure out how to build their brand or put out high-quality, branded content. What does it all mean? Below is a short guide to branding and why it matters for your […]

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Election 2020: What Cardi B and Bernie Sanders’ political partnership can teach us

August 22, 2019

Group Gordon’s Kate Macken outlines the power of celebrity in engaging voters and why these alliances should be taken seriously as we count down to Election Day.   When you think of Cardi B and her transformative role in American culture, you probably think of her chart-topping songs, historic Grammy win, and entertaining personality. Cardi’s […]

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Communications Plans for Emerging Technology Companies

August 8, 2019

Group Gordon’s Kerry Close shares advice to help emerging technology companies clearly communicate what they do and why it matters. The term “emerging technology” can encompass a number of constantly-evolving fields, from augmented reality to blockchain to nanotechnology. For companies working in these emerging fields, telling their stories to press in the right way through […]

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